Why Choose AYA College


We aim to support and strengthen our students by creating a safe, nurturing, educational environment, placing teamwork, consistency and community at the core of our practice. We aim to give our students the opportunity to learn socially and academically at their own pace, enabling them to achieve their full potential. We also work to equip the students with the skills and beliefs necessary for them to become successful and active citizens in the wider community.

Therefore, by the end of each student’s time at AYA College we aim to have transformed their lives and educational prospects through a wide-ranging, bespoke and ambitious curriculum that does not cease at the boundaries of the classroom or the school. Furthermore, each child has an individual timetable and their own Student Support Plan, we find positive ways to work with each and every student, and students are supported by a strong team of therapists.

AYA College has very strong staff ratios, so we can give our students intensive support, tailored to them as individuals. Students are taught in small classes of up to 4 students at the most, or in pairs or individually, as appropriate. Finally, our approach is outcomes-driven, focusing on the appropriate positive outcomes for each student, and every child has their own individual Student Support Plan.

AYA College School Uniform

The Governors of AYA College have decided that there is an expectation that all pupils will wear school uniforms for the following reasons:

  • To foster respect and pride in their appearance
  • To help establish a positive attitude to school
  • To differentiate between leisure and school time and associated expectations
  • To help reinforce the sense of belonging and corporate identity
  • To encourage children to recognise what the outside world expects
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