Adopting a Child

There are two different types of foster to adopt. Children who are placed prior to a placement order being made (concurrency) and Children who are placed post placement order.

It is envisaged that the majority of the agency referrals are more likely to be children referred under post placement order. These are usually children who have a plan for adoption but whom the local authority have been unable to identify adopters for the child.  The children are therefore more likely to be children who have complex needs, complex backgrounds (mental health, drug and alcohol misuse for example).  Siblings or older children (school age), children who have experienced early trauma and are displaying challenging behaviours requiring on-going work with universal services such as CAMHS.


We will work in partnership with the local authority for the child to be placed permanently via the adoption route.  In rare cases when this is not possible, the Local Authority may be agreeable for a long term fostering plan as a last resort. For this second group of children, the agency may use the BAAF form F if this is acceptable or preferred by local authorities rather than using the PAR at this stage.

Social workers conducting the assessment (who must have adoption or permanency experience) must however, include permanency in the assessment as you would perhaps for a long term fostering placement.

The issue of adoption must be addressed for example: 

  • What is the carer’s understanding of a lifetime commitment to a child? 
  • Who have they identified to be testimony Guardians? 
  • What is the wider families expectations and acceptance of a child placed 
  • What is their understanding of adoption or special guardianship?  
  • Matching what age, ethnicity, behaviours should be included. 
  • How do they intend to consider adoption or legal permanence in the future?

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