What Do We Stand For?


What Do We Believe?

We believe that in order for children and young people to develop their full potential and have a sense of personal identity, it is essential that they need to have an understanding of their cultural identity/heritage and have access to the communities that they are from, in order to develop a true sense of “self”.

Holly Lodge believes that children should live in family-type homes and receive emotionally warm parenting; provided with a safe, nurturing living environment where they can feel valued as individuals with talents, strengths and capabilities. We seek to provide care and support that is ambitious and stimulating to encourage each child or young person to develop, thrive and fulfil their personal potential.

Our Key workers are an important member of the team around the child and meet regularly with their Key Child to put in place strategies and coping mechanisms which help manage feelings and anxieties appropriately. Key workers recognise the importance of placing the child as the central focus and using a personal Tree of Life and Life Story Work concepts to create memories for young people that will be treasured in time to come

Our Key Workers Provide:

  • A strong ethos of unconditional positive regard and practice with an anti-oppressive approach
  •  Nurture and care in a non-judgmental environment
  •  An understanding of professional boundaries, and good knowledge of child development  
  • A home environment, where children feel safe with boundaries and protection  
  •  Role models who are honest, open  and offer our young people alternative methods of coping  
  •  Advocacy to ensure and promote the rights and wishes of the children and young people
  •  Positivity and encourage anti-discriminatory behaviours and attitudes  
  • The model of  acceptable behaviour enabling the children and young people to understand the issues of  equality and diversity through house meetings, key worker sessions and daily living situations

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