The Tree Of Life Approach


Sankofa Care Tree of Life (TOL) Approach

The Tree of Life is a counselling methodology that is informed by Narrative Therapy ideas. It has been created to ensure that children and young people who have experienced significant hardships and trauma are emotionally safe when they relate stories about their lives and the challenges that they have faced.


The approach creates an opportunity for people to take a break from the predominant (sad and negative) stories of their lives and walk into stories that give them hope and acknowledge the skills, values and dreams that they have for their lives. These stories are called the second or alternative stories about people’s lives; they can be like a medicine or remedy to the difficulties and hardships that people have experienced in the past. To learn more about the Tree of Life Approach visit

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Parts Of The Tree:

  • Roots: where you come from and your family
  • Ground: your present life and daily activities
  • Trunk: your skills and abilities
  • Branches: your hope, goals and dreams
  • Leaves: important people in your life
  • Fruit: your gifts and  contribution from important people
  • Flowers: your gifts and talents that you bring to the world

The Tree of Life, which is a strengths-based approach that informs the way supervision sessions are held,  determines the choice of words or language used to address any challenges, and underpins all therapeutic practises offered by our staff and practitioners. The Agency is committed to be child-focused, and to reflect more the voice of the child. We will continue to promote and embed the Sankofa Care TOL Approach is all our practice.

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