Students’ Safety At AYA College



Robust and effective arrangements for Safeguarding and child protection are in place across the school. Staff follow clear policies and procedures and are vigilant to ensure that the welfare, health and safety of all our pupils are given the highest priority. Governors, senior leaders (including those with designated responsibilities for safeguarding) and staff are fully trained. This includes the use of physical intervention, administration of first aid and the management of risk across the school.

Online Safety

We recognise that our children access the internet through a wide range of devices and we want to encourage our children to use the world wide web successfully and safely. We have extensive security measures in place in school, which are monitored internally and externally, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers and unsuitable material. On this page, there is lots of information, tips, advice, guides, web links and resources for you to use, as parents and carers, to support your child(ren) and help keep your family safe online.  

Privacy & Confidentiality

Staff in AYA College will respect children’s right to privacy. Staff will encourage children to respect the privacy of others. This will help to build trust and positive relationships between everyone in the college. Our students are encouraged to adhere to the school rules where the use of unauthorised devices in classes are concerned. Students’ personal files  are carefully monitored and are only accessible to staff with expressed permission. It is important for children to talk to staff if they are upset or unhappy about something. Staff cannot always keep what children say privately. If a child’s safety or well-being is at risk, staff must report the problem to someone who can help.


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